The Drift

“The cool breeze mixed with the salt reminds the happiest days of my life”, mutters Chandan. Seeing the rising sun, each morning, far in the horizon fills each pore of his body with adrenaline. The roar of the ocean invites him to run on the sand and mark his prints. The waves touch him and go back, as if they want him to catch them before the water goes back. The tireless eyes see the horizon for hours and Chandan loves to sit there without blinking the eyes. The sun rays when kiss the ocean far in the horizon, Chandan feels loved. The waves when sprinkles water on his body, Chandan feels blessed. Each morning he marks his prints on the sand and washes them. Each morning he argues with the waves as if they are his siblings. And each morning he feels the rays on his face as if the sun blesses him. The affection with the ocean drifts him each day.

Chandan is settling in his new life, far from the chaos and rush of his past life. The silence in his surroundings speaks with him and quadrupeds in backyard of new house are his friends. He has left a lot behind. He had achieved every notch he dreamt for. The rags to riches stories are his own. The corner store boy to the lord of the mansion, he travelled an unachievable journey. The failures, the success and the zenith, he covered all the milestones. The life was excellent and filled with all the emotions. The river of luxury used to flow in the backyard and the exuberance used to sip coffee with him. He was the second name for opulence. The life was undaunted beautiful. The happiness used to cruise in the surroundings.

The sun-rays have become stronger. Chandan opens his eyes. He was deep into the thoughts of his past. The waves are making noise at the shore. He looks again at the vast ocean. But his eyes search for the love of his life. “Eight years”, he says to himself with the heavy exhale. Eight years but still the memories haven’t faded a bit. The memories are meant to stay in the busy mind. The calm mind creates and the busy keeps them.

He smiles, stretches his arms and closes his eyes once again. That was the cloudy night, it was drizzling when they both started for the most awaited trip. Rashi was excited because Chandan had finally said yes to her wish. It was going to be the long drive. As the night was getting darker, the rain droplets were becoming heavier. The wipers of the car were doing their job meticulously. The car was cruising and the birds inside the wagon were chirping with the melody in background. The rain was getting heavier and still it was a long distance to cover.

“Time to go back,” says Rashi while picking a small shell at the shore. Chandan smiles, holds the wheels of the rolling chair and tries to drift away from the thoughts. He still feels the heaviness of the steering on his palms…

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