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The Drift

“The cool breeze mixed with the salt reminds the happiest days of my life”, mutters Chandan. Seeing the rising sun, each morning, far in the horizon fills each pore of his body with adrenaline. The roar of the ocean invites him to run on the sand and mark his prints. The waves touch him and […]

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The Keyboard

“Chandan, do you need more coffee”, shouted Rashi in the loudest tone. “You are not helping me in setting up the house, and what do you do near your laptop whole day. Chandan I am talking to you, I will not be able to do all this alone. See, the cable TV is still not […]

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That Girl at Traffic Signal

7 pm ticked the clock, time to leave, Chandan said to himself. He knuckled, stretched and gulped the last sip of the day’s coffee. He picked his belongings, packed the bag, swiped off and reached the parking. He could clearly hear the thunder sound. It would rain heavily, he shrieked and rushed towards his bike. […]

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